Definitely the "tried it once during cheer camp" type. I bet she used
her whitening strips as a teeth guard. Ugh. The audacity.... I'd be disgusted to
be compared to such vermon. It's entertaining though; people's round about ways
of displaying concern without getting too involved.

"here! go play with her! you guys can talk about how much you two and
Brittany Murphy have in common!". lol.

They can sit back and triumphant as they watch their efforts unfold. Your
grimace,inadvertently, mistaken for a smile.. then all is well in their world.


Needless to say, they have no spec of knowledge about what it's like to live in
this world. To have someone's whole world upside, taking blows from every
direction. The mere thought of showing what's behind all the curtains is
terrifyingly catastrophic. *shudder. And when the layers have been proded at
and walls have been torned down....desperation and chaos set in. I feel as
though i need a rock to climb under. I'm clenching for something to throw over
myself, to regain the mask that took ages to create. In desperation to create a
life again.

Holy f****, I'm blabbering..

i get bored,

so chat.