March 9, 2011 8:20am
Added lyrics for Avril Lavigne's new album Goodbye Lullaby.  Yay!  :)

Every Moment of Every Day

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stopI'm so depressed I can't even turn on the TV to distract myself from it. My meds aren't working and I don't even want to take them so I guess it's good I see my Psychiatrist Friday. I don't have any faith that he'll change my meds because he's THAT kind of doctor...the kind that is there to PRESCRIBE meds but prefers not to give them to

Flood Evacuations of All Things

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umbrellaAs I've mentioned, we were evacuated in the August 2009 fires here in La Crescenta. I was thrilled to leave because that night I stood in the hallway looking out the window into the atrium and I swear the red glow of the fire kept getting brighter. We are as "in the brush" as you can get around here so our house was

General Gripes & Holiday [Not So] Fun

E-mail Print PDF is great. I've been with them for some time now and although I NEVER use the phone, I have called their support and billing departments a few times and have always talked to super nice people who just want to help. They do have the outsourcing thing where if you call after hours you get India, but besides that they've

Dallas Divas & Daughters

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divaI'm typically not into those "reality" TV shows like something housewives of {enter city here} or anything like that; however, I like to watch that show Super Nanny and after that is Dallas Divas & Daughters. I've only seen three or four episodes but these people are the most obnoxious drama queens I have ever seen. They're all saying


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The ThinkGeek Survey!
(the survey was mostly radio boxes with one check box question and a textarea...these are my answers):
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