March 9, 2011 8:20am
Added lyrics for Avril Lavigne's new album Goodbye Lullaby.  Yay!  :)

California's Fun...

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California's fun...sun, surf, and earthquakes lol. We just had a 4.4 earthquake and it sure was felt a long way away. It felt like it was about two seconds but my birds started freaking out so there was no way I could have slept through that one. It was one of those shaking ones (as opposed to rolling). The news keeps bringing on

MSIE vs Firefox (duh...)

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It's always been a no-brainer to me..."use MSIE". Lately though, IE of any version has just been a pain in my side. Our company website that we had from about 2007 to 2009 was a product of my own design. I hand coded EVERYTHING, short of the Joomla login and access control. I did all of my greatest learning and work (PHP) on that site. It wasn't flawless but it worked well and it was unique to our agency. When we started


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OMG...we're being evacuated again...

That's...probably not a good thing.

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sickI've been hot AND cold all day, at the same time. I have chills, a cold sweat, and I'm shaking. That's...probably not a good thing.

The world could come to an end tomorrow

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dying worldand I wouldn't be sad...
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